Services offered include wharf/wharf, hook/hook and door-to-door of all types of containerised and break-bulk / project cargoes and supply chain management.

We have demonstrated with our network and resources that we have the capabilities to provide tailor made business solutions to suit every client’s needs. We offer complete supply chain functions for all your requirements covering containers and break bulk cargoes.

We have always sought to strengthen our bond with clients by leveraging our traditional shipping expertise, establishing partnerships and expanding into a diversified range of business activities including technical and ship management, crew management, transport, storage and distribution.



Jebsens Logistic Services was established to provide a total transport solution for our customers. Our land based logistics complement our marine activities and reduce our customer overheads.

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Warehouse Management

Over time we have identified the needs of our customers and have delved into warehouse management. We provided an outsourced management solution to enable customers to have peace of mind that their operations are being run effectively and efficiently. We can provide a management structure to the operations or we can also provide a total operational solution including management, mobile equipment, staffing and even a warehouse where required.

Bulk Warehousing

We currently manage Bulk warehouse facilities across the country. As part of the agreement with our customers we manage the storage, handling and distribution of various products including fertilisers, grains and other bulk products. We take responsibility for reporting, safety, inventory, scheduling, forecasting and all other aspects of the operational management to enable our customers to focus on what they do best.


Having been an outsourced logistics arm we have built a solid base of relationships within the trucking industry. Currently we organise the transport of 150,000 coal briquettes to various end users in Victoria, South Australia and Southern New South Wales. By leveraging our relationships across the country we are able to offer competitive trucking for bulk, bagged & containerised products as well as equipment and any other items that need to be moved.

Container Movement

Perhaps the fastest growing sector of the business is that of container movements. We currently organise end to end delivery of 5000+ containers into Tasmania each year for a variety of customers. Along with this we also export a number of containers into various marketplaces around the world. With dedicated resources we organise the ordering, scheduling, transport, packing and delivery of containers via road, rail and sea freight.


Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge of bagging operations across many industries. Having run bagging operations in Victoria and South Australia we are able to offer competitive bagging for any type of product in both 1 tonne and 25 kilogram bags.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Hand in hand with our Warehouse management and our Bulk warehousing, we are able to offer customers a tailored solution for any FMCG warehousing and distribution that they require. From importers to locally made goods a solution can be tailored to suit each individual circumstance.

Coastal Shipping

Jebsens Coastal Shipping Service (JCSS) is active in providing Australian coastal services where clearly defined services are required. In conjunction with this ability to operate in dedicated operations, JCSS is active in undertaking specialised project solutions for customers. Apart from operating assets JCSS can also offer marine solutions for movement of project cargoes, container volumes, breakbulk and bulk cargoes on the Australian coast through our network.

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Australian Coastal & International Shipping

Identification and implementation of agreed marine services for domestic and International related services.

Tug Barging

The supply and implementation of identified services with Jebsens also providing crewing, technical and operations

Containerised & Bulk Shipping

This links with our ability to focus on specific needs for our customers both contracted and prospective

Ship Shed Management

Jebsens can provide both stevedoring and trucking services as a combined ship to shed service

Vessel Technical and Crewing Management

Jebsens can provide any type of crewing and technical management for any type of marine service that is required. This can be done locally from Australia and with back up from our Company in the Philippines where Jebsens in partnership with Aboitiz have over 8000 seafarers and manage over 400 vessels.