Cement & Minerals

Jebsens Cement & Minerals division is built around adding value to our customers through coupling high quality materials with our strong supply chain solution experience.


Since 2017 Jebsens has been actively importing and handling GP Cement and White Cement on behalf of a number of SA based customers. Jebsens are responsible for the sourcing and procurement of the materials and then handling in Adelaide. Product is imported in bulk bags and then converted into bulk pneumatic for delivery to customers. Jebsens also supplies 20kg bags to the market.

What we do

Jebsens has established sourcing agreements to supply the following two cement materials:

  • GP Portland Cement 52.5
  • White Cement 52.5 

and are able to supply product as:

  • Pneumatic Bulk Tanker
  • 1.5 Tonne Bulk Bags
  • 20kg Packaging