Jebsens Logistic Services operates nationwide providing end to end logistic solutions to our many diverse customers across Australia


Jebsens Logistic Services was established to provide a total transport solution for our customers. Our land based logistics complement our marine activities and reduce our customer overheads by providing a one stop shop for all their logistic needs. Beginning as primarily an outsourced 3rd Party logistics provider the business has developed and expanded with our customers requirements and now specialises in Bulk Warehousing, Warehouse Management, Door to Door Container movements & Specialised Bagging Operations all whilst continuing to develop and expand our specialised knowledge of  logistics management for our customers.

What we do

We offer complete supply chain functions from Warehousing, Transport, Site Management, Bagging and Outsourced Logistics. All of which perfectly complement our maritime operations.
A detailed list of our capabilities can be found on our Services page.

Where we do it

Our services are offered not only nationally in Australia but where required can be implemented internationally.

Why we do it

We offer our services to clients to provide a total transport solution to simplify their supply chain. By allowing them to use the one business for all their needs from shipping, warehousing, bagging, transport and management it enables them to cut their overheads significantly and enable them to focus on what they do best.