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Adelaide Cement Terminal Now Operational

Jebsens is proud to announce the opening of the new Adelaide Cement Terminal.

Sourcing from our global partners, Jebsens is pleased to offer bulk GP Cement and White Cement to the South Australian market.

This facility has been established to handle and distribute high quality cement products. All products are supplied with a NATA Accredited Certificate (Cement linked to the Australian Standard – AS 3972), prepared by an Australian Independent Laboratory.

Jebsens are able to supply cement as:

  • Pneumatic Bulk Tanker
  • 1.5 Tonne Bulk Bags

This new business is part of the Jebsens Mineral Division. This division is built around adding value to our customers through coupling high quality materials with our strong supply chain solution experience.

For enquires or more information please contact Jebsens at:

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