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WA Govt Service Closed

By mutual agreement with the WA Govt the Western Australian coastal shipping service operated by Jebsens Australia was closed down but we will maintain our interests in WA through continuation of marine solutions and land based activities.

Jebsens Coastal Shipping Service (JCSS) is part of the Jebsens Worldwide Group including Jebsens Logistics Service (JLS) in Australia.  JLS specialises in Bulk Warehousing, Warehouse Management, Door to Door Container movements & Specialised Bagging Operations, all whilst continuing to develop and expand our specialised knowledge of logistics management for our customers.

JCSS has been active in Australian coastal shipping inclusive of geared container, self unloading, concentrate and acid vessels. We have significant marine materials handling experience and our Crewing & Technical Department in the Philippines can offer design, construction supervision, crewing solutions as well as operational management across all facets of marine activities.

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